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Quote (Louis @ Mar. 30 2010,14:47)
Quote (Wolfhound @ Mar. 30 2010,17:59)
Quote (Louis @ Mar. 30 2010,11:15)
Obviously "bitch" is fine to use when referring to women. Especially if you are a rapper, when it's positively sexually alluring.

People who belong to a particular subset are also given free license to use the derogatory terms, too.  That's why it's okay for me to bandy about "bitch", "twat", etc.  And it's socially acceptable for you and a few others to call each other "homo" and suchlike.

In all seriousness, calling people bitch, homo etc is IMO not ok. It's pretty poor behaviour (bigotry at worst, indifference to/ignorance/reinforcement of the bigotry of other at best), and yes, I know I've engaged in it. I am imperfect, but working on it. I'm a bit hardline, I'm not sure it's a good idea even for women to call each other bitch, but since dealing with misogyny is their problem not mine, I'll let them work that one out! ;-)

Almost exclusively when "homo" is used here it's a "deliberate in-joke about DaveScot and how he acts" use, NOT an "insult-by-calling-someone-gay" use.

Just to make sure we're all on the same comedy page and all!


No worries.  I have NEVER called another woman any of those names in anger.  My good friends and I jokingly use the words, but, as it is here at AtBC with the homo jibes, it's all in good fun.

I've found my personality to be an effective form of birth control.

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