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Quote (Robert Byers @ Mar. 24 2010,04:10)
Quote (afarensis @ Mar. 20 2010,09:35)
Meanwhile, over at The Panda's Thumb Byers undermines his argument:

In any issue of determining if old bones are of humans and not apes there is a clue. The bible teaches that women uniquely have great pain at childbirth. Animals do not. This is a great anatomical reality of our women’s skeleton and so if there is a female hobbit one just needs to examine, if possible, whether she had pain at childbirth by looking at her skeleton. If so we got a daughter of Adam. if not we got a dumb old monkey.

So we can tell the difference between "monkey" and human by looking at reproduction, but not marsupial and placental?

Reproduction can be different and yet not is evidence of segregated kinds.
Snakes can bear live young or by eggs yet they are still snakes.
With people there is a express intervention in nature by God to make a difference in reproduction. Animals are not affected.

We've gone over your nonsense about non-human animals experiencing no pain during birth on other boards.  Remember the spotted hyena debacle, in which you were handed your ass?  Of course you don't; you are impervious to evidence, logic, and reason.

Also, my old Borzoi brood bitch, Lindy, would very much like to bite you as she had a bit of an owie with the delivery of her last litter.  Her pain was real.  As yours shall be if her teeth manage to make contact with your ass.  I shall keep her from you, though, since it is doubtful you have had all of your vaccinations and I value her health greatly.

I've found my personality to be an effective form of birth control.

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