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Quote (Robert Byers @ Jan. 16 2010,02:25)

The bodies of marsupial lion, wolves, bears, moles do look exactly like placentals.

Again, just a "they looks teh same 'cuz I sez so", without any specific details on what traits are important or how you make the comparison, or why a comparison of some features is more important than others.
All the marsupial tails, teeth etc should be easiuly as varied as the rest of their bodies from each other!

Note that not only is this a testable hypothesis, it has been tested and found wrong. Which you would know, if you weren't completely ignorant of basic biology (edit: or heck, the last few centuries of domestic animal breeding)
I suspect these tails were needed to allow the varied creatures to look over high vegatation. A unique problem in original Australia.

As Badger3k points out, this is mindbogglingly stupid even by your usual standards.

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