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Quote (Bjarne @ Jan. 07 2010,06:48)
This would be nothing, but convergent evolution. You are just trying to disprove, in the loosest sense of the word, convergent evolution with convergent evolution.

Better yet, his version requires evolution to happen thousands or millions of times faster than it actually did. If you can go from canid to marsupial in a few thousand years (or less, since the claim is that it helped them spread quickly from the ark ) then going from something like a ape to a human in a few million years should be no problem at all.

No matter how many times they do it (and they do it a lot for being so dead set against evolution! ), YECs appealing to impossibly fast evolution to argue against evolution always makes me snicker.

Quote (fnxtr @ ,)
Good excersize, though... I guess.

Hardly, he just repeats his "OMG it's true 'cause I say so" over and over. But hey, it's cheap entertainment :)

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