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Quote (Robert Byers @ Jan. 01 2010,23:45)

Quote (Johnw @ ,)

"My crowd" (whatever that is) says Australia had no desert 4,000 years ago?  Source, please.
Its always said by researchers that Australia was covered by flora and only later did it dry out in the middle. Its a common point they bring up.

Real scientists (and other vaguely educated people) know Australia is just a bit older than 4000 years.

If you don't take their word for something obvious like that, it's hard to see why you'd accept anything else they say!
Marsupial wolves share thousands of points with our wolves. They share a few points with "marsupials"

If you wanted to actually make a case for this, you'd have to come up with some quantifiable method of comparing these "points", and demonstrate that this gave better results than existing phylogenetic methods.

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