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Quote (Robert Byers @ Dec. 09 2009,22:15)

The marsupial body is only different in reproductive details and a few things in the skull.

Wow. Just the reproductive system and the skull eh ? So no one could tell the difference between a thylacine and a wolf from, say, just the a couple of bones ? Or a single internal organ ? Or heck, a fragment of a hair ?

Do you have any idea what a monumental level of ignorance you've demonstrated in that simple statement ? And to what end ? Do you really think that parading your ignorance is going to further your cause ? Really ? "Oh some guy on the internet who obviously doesn't have a high school level understanding of biology says they look the same, better throw out the last two hundred years of hard won science!"

(yes, I know talking to Robert is pointless, but sometimes, the stupid is just so mind blowing I can't resist)

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