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creeky belly

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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 26 2009,20:45   

Quote (Quack @ Oct. 26 2009,17:27)
It may be okay to go there if you crave for a whiff of tard but I really think we should not honor them with the offering of comments there.

They've chosen what company to keep, it is well deserved!

I debated whether or not to comment on the general relativity thread, it seemed like genuine interest on the part of the guy starting the thread. I had recently watched some BBC production called Einstein and Eddington, so I thought I'd share some of the history of the photograph of the eclipse, but another commenter (CTD) decided to crap all over the thread.

When you read stuff like:
(Of the null result from the Michelson-Morley interferometer) I do understand outright lies. Your mention of apparatus indicates you're not just repeating the textbook lie either; you want to sound like you know some of the history. I do know the history, as will anyone who follows my link and investigates. You just made my ignore list. Be not seeing you.

Get real. Attempts have been made to measure the speed of gravity, and it leaves light standing still. Newton may yet be vindicated, although I know quite well who'll never admit it. If you had repeated it the way they did it, you would've obtained the same results. Others have.

There's not enough HEAD-ON in the world to get through it.

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