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Quote (OgreMkV @ Oct. 17 2009,22:02)
pH.D.s do not grant one infallibility... of course neither does being a Christian.

Nor do these grant honesty, which may be more relevant here.

Scienthuse: Since the very amusing link posted Occam's Aftershave suggests that you think your position actually has some merit, I'll offer you an honest suggestion.

If you want to have a serious discussion, pick a specific piece of evidence you believe supports your position. Lay out your evidence, and why you believe it is compelling. If someone posts a counter argument, address that argument directly.

Your past behavior of copy/pasting a bunch of crap on a different subject, or saying "well it's in the past so we just can't know!" do not constitute actual debate. You should not be surprised that the response to this tactic is insults and mockery, as you have made it clear that serious responses will be ignored in any case.

I also suggest checking talkorigins index of common creationist claims before you post. If your claim is listed, be sure you are prepared to address the objections found there.

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