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Quote (Scienthuse @ Oct. 17 2009,18:26)
I thought you guys were going to let me know why this happened. No matter how "crazy" I am you still have rocks with modern artifacts in them.  This would have profound implications on your teaching about lithification.

No, the only thing it implies that you are either a troll, or profoundly gullible and ignorant. I lean toward the former, but as a great man once said* "Sufficiently advanced idiocy is indistinguishable from trolling"

On the off chance you are actually serious, you had an opportunity here to have an honest, serious discussion with people who know a lot about geology, paleontology and related topics. By ignoring or failing to comprehend their responses, and instead just pasting obvious creationist bullshit, you've lost that chance. Your loss.

* paraphrased loosely.

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