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Quote (Scienthuse @ Oct. 14 2009,19:20)
Also, it was asked where did the water come from and where did it go.  There are different theories.  Not to escape the issue but isn't that like asking where did hydrogen come from? Yes I know--after the big bang it just formed--

No, it isn't remotely comparable. You can reasonably say that the big bang "just happened", and that the particular physical laws and fundamental constants we ended up with may well be arbitrary. If it makes you feel better, you can even stuff your own personal god in there, although he doesn't add any explanatory value.

From that first few milliseconds onward, things appear to follow those laws in a coherent manner. As best as we can tell, millions of cubic miles of water don't just poof out of nowhere, and poof back to nowhere later. If you are going to insert "supernatural shit happened" anywhere your theory seems to contradict what we understand about the universe, why bother trying to match it up to evidence at all ?

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