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Quote (Scienthuse @ Oct. 08 2009,22:13)
Since you want to bring up the deluge Stanton, there was tectonic, and volcanic activity involved with the water "the fountains of the deep were broken up."  Therefore there could have been all kinds of different geologic events.  Landslides, mudslides, outburst floods, rock movement, and possibly tsunamis, depending on the extent of tectonic activity.

Oh right, so in your explanation, pretty much anything could have happened... but  for some reason you are sure whatever it was happened really quickly in a singular "deluge".

Note that you completely ignored the meat of Stantons post with your little tirade
Quote (stanton @ ,)
Among other things,it was pointed out that there were three reefs, composed of very different organisms, stacked within the stratum of the Grand Canyon, with no species from one reef found within any of the others, nor fossils of any modern day reef-dwelling organism found within any of them.

Even your "some unspecified random geologic shit happened" will have to do a great deal of special pleading to make that work.

You are bullshitting, and the problem is with bullshitting is that if the people you are trying to bullshit know something about the subject, they can tell. Right away. Don't be surprised when they point and laugh and call you dishonest.

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