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Quote (OWKtree @ Oct. 08 2009,12:36)
The last six pages of chewtoy-dom aside does the acceptance of geological "deep time", a long age of the earth, etc. therefore require the acceptance of evolutionary theory to explain the development of life on the aged orb?

I think any explanation that the current (or very similar to current) lifeforms were developed at that time (e.g. multiple billions of years ago) and have existed in something close to a static state for that length of time is:
1. Not supported by the fossil evidence
2. Not supported by the DNA evidence (pointing to development and diversity of species in relatively rapid time frames.)

To summarize, if you accept an old Earth (4+ billion years old and the accompanying geology (stratifigraphy, plate tectonics, etc.) does that require acceptance of the current theory of the evolution of life?  (And if not, what is a rational theory that explains the known evidence?)

- Kurt

I don't think you can even discuss evolution without an acceptance of deep time. And i don't understand how you can know anything about geology and deny deep time.

I also don't see how you can deny all the evidence of an old earth by claiming that god deliberately faked all that evidence. I think it's blasphemy to claim that god is a fraud.

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