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Quote (Scienthuse @ Oct. 04 2009,22:02)

There's your image deadman, and now here's your quote.
Look at it, then look at the THOUSANDS of meters of material that overlay it in the stratigraphic column above. How could soft, unconsolidated ooze (according to Henry Morris' bullshit scenario)  that is over 95% PURE CALCIUM CARBONATES stand up vertically underneath gravity and that amount of overlay pressure?  Morris was an idiot -- and since I DIDN'T say it before, I'll say NOW that Austin is a crank, too.

You gave me a pixel of the entire redwall formation, but we'll go with an initial observation.  First of all--there is no way it is 95% calcium carbonate. Do you know what is about 98% pure--the WHITE cliffs of Dover.  Did I "gallop' to know that?  Nah.  I already knew it.  

The cliffs of dover are WHITE chalk--made up of forminefera and other phytoplankton. Did I gallop--nah. Look at how RED your cliff is.  Do we need to say that's some kind of oxidation? Did I gallop--nah. Probably with some metal like magnesium--since you want me to talk about dolomitic limestone.  Did I gallop--a little, i had to research a little on dolomite--isn't a troll dishonest?

Limestone is not that pure. Maybe there is iron or another metal mixed in, I don't know--do you know what causes it to be red?  I'm sure you went there and analyzed the entire cliff Deadman--so why don't you tell me what it is (lol--I think we need to laugh a little).  Maybe it has "red clay" which comes from an ooze that is 30% or less of marine shells.  Anyway, I'm sure you're going to let me know after you tell me how much I don't know about it...:D

As far as jumping through your hoops--last time I checked you weren't my professor--so I don't have an assignment due.:)

Vertical structure--Ooze? Oozes are not 95% pure CC. Well didn't I tell you once that the RL is calcite and modern oozes are aragonite.

Let's get down to the nitty gritty.  Do you or I think that cliff sits as it was originally formed--you don't and I don't.  Stuff fell off of it.  If it was cut by massive amounts of water having only a little plasticity (there is a scientific word for the thickness of a solution--do you remember what it is? I'm trying not to regurgitate much), which I believe it did--the pressure made it to drain quickly and probably it had already began to have secondary chemical changes--which some scientists believe is the cause of dolomite--but they don't know for sure--so I don't either.

Okay, you keep tripping over the fact that somehow it's going to fall over--I'll say it again--IT IS NOT A WALL--IT IS THE EDGE OF THOUSANDS OF CUBIC MILES OF HORIZONTAL SEDIMENT.  

My little illustration--Say you were assigned to make  a 2 foot thick wall of wet sand by 8 feet long.  You began to pile it up and shape it.  How high do you think you could get it before it fell.  Just off the top of your head what?  6 feet 8 feet maybe?    Now if you had to make (hypothetically) a 100 foot thick wall by say 1000 feet long.  How high could get it?  Just say 300 feet.   Now if you had packed it good.   Now leave it set for a few months and come back and and start digging a trench through the thickness--for 100 foot. Dig it 50 foot deep--what would happen.  You think it would collapse?  Some of it would some of it wouldn't.  Like your picture.  It would eventually harden and stuff would keep falling  off now and then.

Then and most importantly above all.  You have no idea how many tectonic events have affected the Grand Canyon--while (hypothetically) the material was wet and when after (hypothetically) it was cut.

You have to understand, Deadman--you have to ask!  And another thing--I think we are all taking ourselves too seriously here.  Maybe we need to take a chill pill or blood pressure or something.

If you would simply google "redwall limestone"  you would find that the red is staining from the red beds of  the overlying Supai formation.

and you seem to be the only one hyperventilating.  Everyone else is just laughing.

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