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Tom Ames

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As Ilion's behavior towards Elizabeth Liddle shows, he simply can't comprehend the idea of being courteous and inclusive.

He is basically the same in real life.

Oh, for Eris' sake....

Did someone mention backhoes earlier?  Ilion is going to need one of these to sink lower:

If he dislikes paying a tip, he should be arguing with the management to change the pay scale, not shorting the help. Or he could refuse to eat in places where tips are considered part of the salary. The latter would be an expression of, of... hmmm, what are those things called? Oh, yeah, principle. Knowingly eating there and failing to tip instead just looks like bad rationalization of being a skinflint.

Yeah, I do agree with the idea that setting up a tip environment is bad. I disagree with the notion that using the service and not paying in your expected share every single time is anything but theft. Make your choice beforehand, let the management know why you won't patronize them, and then go elsewhere. That's a message that is unmistakable.

There is a case to be made for everyone being paid a "living wage" - however that is calculated - a fair day's work for a fair day's pay.  Service staff generally work very hard and have the added stress of having to deal with some awkward customers.  They deserve a commensurate reward.  It's the employers who get away with taking advantage of some of the most vulnerable members of the workforce and that's shameful.

On the other hand, given the situation as it stands and having worked in a service sector job, I have absolutely no problem with tipping someone who has provided good service.

The only concern I have is whether the indirect tips get to the person who earned them of whether they get to keep them if given directly.

A recent exegesis of the gospel of John has established that Jesus was a shitty tipper, so Ilion's theological justification for being a skinflint asshole may have some merit.

-Tom Ames

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