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Quote (sparc @ Aug. 01 2011,23:20)
BTW, is anybody here currently really following UD? I am not.

I still dip in from time to time, and once in a while I will even comment there, but all my comments have to go through moderation, so trying to carry on a conversation is a waste of time (and my last observation was summarily deleted).

O'Leary's pattern of posting a dozen pointless "News" stories a day, and then the occasional "All atheists are eeevil" comment-bait post just to make sure that there are still some readers out there, doesn't make for very interesting reading -- in fact, the comment threads (minus BA77's obsessive diatribes about the Shroud of Turin and related "evidences" for the existence of God) tend to be far more interesting. If a post doesn't have twenty comments or more, it's typically not worth the effort to click on it.

It's a good job that the ID movement doesn't do any science though. O'Leary's mocking of the way scientists keep changing the story whenever new studies turn up new evidence and/or new conclusions, is nothing short of Ham-like in its brazenness. So it's just as well for her that ID isn't subject to the same competitive pressures and accumulating evidence that real scientists have to deal with, otherwise her head might explode. Heaven forbid if two IDists ever end up feuding with one another...

So, essentially, UD has turned into nothing more than an exercise in masturbatory back-slapping. Perhaps it was always that way, but O'Leary's painful prose (are her books this bad, or does her editor paper over the worst of it?) just makes the whole experience less entertaining than it used to be.

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