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Quote (CeilingCat @ July 01 2011,04:18)
The blood of Scotland courses through Gordon's veins: †
And FYI, proud and disrespectful mockers, that G in my name that you and your ilk so lightly play scornful games with is there because the self same blood that stood on that hill courses in my veins.

A name that is a war cry.

For good reason.

DM et al, donít you ever underestimate the grim resolve we have to stand in the face of your patently wicked agendas. (And my Ashanti, Irish and Indian bloodlines grimly concur with my Scottish lineage on this.)

Our civilisation and our liberty are at stake, as PZM so plainly let the cat out of the bag on.

The line is drawn in the sand, and we are going to stand here, for liberty and civilisation.


So don't mess with him!

If that 'orrible little man kf is trying to absorb some glory somehow by mentioning the Gordon Highlanders, he should be aware that even they have a history of losing when defending indefensible positions at times (St Valery-en-Caux, Singapore)

Which is exactly what he is doing.

And there is not and never has been a single Scottish soldier who would give kf the time of day: or anything else for that matter, save perhaps a swift bayonetting

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