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Quote (Learned Hand @ June 16 2011,13:31)
Quote (Learned Hand @ June 16 2011,13:29)
Quote (Zachriel @ June 16 2011,11:56)
DrREC: *crickets*

Hmm. There seems to be a pattern. They went quiet for a while, as if they were having their memories erased, and the system rebooted. Then they start right where they left off.

bornagain77: And yet the ‘fitness’ (functional complexity) never increased over the parent species in the parent species native environment!!!

Of course it didn't increase over the native environment, but evolved to fit the environment it was actually in.

Oh gee whiz.

Did the environment change in this experiment?  My (ill-informed) understanding was that the environment was held static.  Isn't the result therefore that fitness did, in fact, increase "over the parent species in the parent species['] native environment"?

Actually, on re-reading that BA77 comment, is he describing this experiment or Lenski's?

Why on earth would anyone "re-read" a BA77 comment?

That way lies madness!

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