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(Permalink) Posted: April 22 2011,06:20   

Quote (carlsonjok @ April 22 2011,05:29)
Quote (Badger3k @ April 22 2011,01:47)
Quote (lkeithlu @ April 21 2011,18:19)
While all four of my posts remain in moderation, and the last one on the original thread is still in moderation now for a full week, it is impossible to have a normal exchange. Since Joseph obviously knows how to find me here, I have a message:

5:19 pm
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

A message to Joseph: Since you know where to find me at PT, and my posts languish here in moderation (5 on this thread now, and one on the original thread is still in moderation after a full week) why donít you come there and letís continue this discussion. You will not be moderated there, and that way each can answer the other promptly. If you are sure of your ideas and have the courage, youíll come. If you need to have this advantage of my being moderated, you wonít.

Will he come? Is he man enough to discuss this issue without my being muzzled?

That would probably be a "No". †

The answer is definitely "No"

6:22 pm


Seeing that you are reading this if you want to continue this with me you can bring it to my blog.

However seeing that I have already destroyed your main premise I donít see what there is to discuss.

Joey Boy, you are a tiny man, a coward, a complete pussy.

I posted this on UD just now; it joins 5 others still in moderation:

5:21 am
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Your blog moderates for hours, too. My posts here are still in moderation, with posts from KF on the original thread pretending that he doesnít know why or claiming that I am lying about the moderation. Ever wonder why PT doesnít moderate? You canít hold any kind of interchange when there is a delay on one side.

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