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After more than 10 hours stuck in moderation, my departing post is still not up. This is what I said:

8:10 pm
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Well, folks, between spending hours in moderation and finding that no one is able to answer the original question, I guess itís time to move on. Metaphysical arguments against evolution is not the same as explaining the evidence from a different paradigm. In science, if your explanation is better than the last, you should be able to show it, and no one is willing to do so here. I have to conclude that you all are a long way from providing anything that can remotely challenge evolution as the reigning paradigm. I had hoped you would have something. Perhaps you need to find an anthropologist to join you? A anyway, good luck. I think Iíll stick with my spouse and associates on this one, as they can address the specifics about the distribution, age and features of the fossils. You canít ignore that they exist, so explaining them canít be avoided.

One final point-unless you fix your moderation system, youíll not have many here offering a different perspective. 8,10,12 hours or more before a post appears is just too long; it disrupts the conversation and makes posts appear out of context.

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