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JemimaRacktouey flays Gordon open like a trout:

KF: Thus, once we have gene duplication, we have already had something that regulates and expresses replication, which is itself going to be FSCI-rich, if the just linked diagrams are any indication.

Ah yes. Such a complex system would by definition have loads of FSCI, so much so that there’s no actual need to put a figure on it. It is FSCI-rich. Funny how my bank manager wont’ accept my claims of being “money-rich” without me putting a figure on it.
That implied capacity, BTW VJT, is what seems to be pushing you over the threshold of CSI when you have such a duplication.

Odd how we can go over the threshold of CSI when so far all we know about the amount of CSI is that it’s a “rich” amount.
Your slight of hand has been noted. No need to calculate CSI if you know it’s there. And if CSI is present that’s a reliable indicator of intelligence. Talk about assuming your conclusions!

Those who know the truth are not equal to those who love it-- Confucius

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