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Quote (sparc @ Feb. 18 2011,22:09)
Quote (REC @ Feb. 18 2011,16:51)
Do ID types have no ability to self-reflect? On one hand, Cornelius Hunter, O'Leary and the like scream about the Darwin tax lobby, and hold every quote by PZ Myers and Dawkins (most have nothing to do with evolution) as evidence that evolution is evil atheism incarnate.

And Dr. Dr. D is spending his summer indoctrinating little Christians to resist secularism:
ID is clearly a factor here in undermining faith in atheism.


Our mission at is to equip high school and college students to know why Christianity is true, how to defend it, and how to tactfully refute those who try to corrupt them.


Crossing students didn't turn out too well for for a teacher recently.

At yesterday's hearing in santa fe, a mother of a college student was there testifying in support of the (teach the controversy) bill.  She couldn't understand why her perfect daughter was being was being told to keep her christianity out of her college biology classes.  

So teaching kids how to defend their faith could have a bad effect on their future.

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