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Quote (MichaelJ @ Feb. 16 2011,23:57)
So every item in the list is a screed against evolution or atheism. Wasn't there one ID breakthrough to write about?

Silly, didn't you get the memo?  Science would be nothing but wall-to-wall ID breakthroughs, if only the International Darwinist Conspiracy (which is failing and losing power daily) had not been so successful and powerful at stifling dissent that it not only prevents the publication of ID-supporting research, it not only prevents the funding and execution of said research, it not only prevents people from proposing said research be done--it even manages to prevent anyone anywhere from describing, even in the most vague and conceptual terms, even on their own moderation-heavy blogs, what such research might look like if it wasn't so thoroughly quashed by teh Darwinist.  The IDC (hey, what a coincidence...) has effectively insured that nobody, anywhere, has ever even uttered one coherent sentence describing a potential or actual ID research program in any way.

Good job guys.

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