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Actually, in the stuff that passes as literature in the fundamentalist community, I've seen at least a couple of reports of NDEs where the victim claims to have briefly been in hell. These are used to counter the New Age kinds of claims of generic sweetness and light in the hereafter.

There was an explanation either here or on PT a while back about seeing light when you're dying, to the effect that optic nerve responses are wired backwards, i.e., no signal (default) is interpreted as light, and signal means "It's dark!"

Two members of my close family had near death experiences.

My father claimed that he looked down upon himself and the medical staff around him, before rejoining his body.

My mother's mother thought that she met Jesus in hers.

I do not think that either of them lied, but I doubt that their experiences are accurate expressions of reality.

Do Christians experiencing NDE's ever see Vishnu, or Mohammed? Do Muslims ever see Jesus?

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