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j > In mechanical systems, conventions define how analogue inputs are encoded as digital symbols e.g even a keyboard is a crude form of A/D converter here [press key with "enough" force --> symbol recognised and stored];

I suppose so ... following through with this logic we would find that ANY switch connected to a computer is an analogue input, even if it's operation is entirely binary ... hmm so there is no such thing as a digital input to a computer, only analogue ones (because the world is analogue?)

From this starting point KF could then argue that, even though logic gates have thresholds and hysteresis, (they are latches!) they are actually analogue signal processors, therefore 'digital' computers don't exist, they are really a crude form of analogue computer built with very high gain amplifiers.

So to sum up, in KF land digital is just a type of analogue, and cells contain digitally encoded information, we never observe natural systems generating digital information (which is actually just analogue, like the stuff that natural systems generate) - THEREFORE GOD!11!

Digital is just analog? perhaps semi-analog, or quasi-analog ... semi-quasi-psuedo-analog?

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