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First, let us ignore for the moment the rude, uncalled for and offensive personal abuse and slander Petrushka resorts to in 143 above. (A sure sign of the third phase of the standard tactic of the ideologised, closed mind: distractive red herrings dragged out to caricatured strawmen laced with ad hominems and now ignited to cloud, confuse, choke, polarise and poison the atmosphere in order to frustrate discussion on the merits.)

Let us therefore note on the merits that P has chosen to resort to abuse
But, at all costs [including resort to utterly rude incivility], the ideologised, closed mind CANNOT acknowledge that unwelcome fact.

So, P owes us all an apology, but sadly, probably will not find the humility to give one.

Having noted that .... .... etc ... repeat same assertions .. fail to provide evidence to back them up ... claim it is all a conspiracy ... accuse opponents of lying ... claim victim status ...
Yes, lets ingore this by talking about it - or was that semi-ignore, or quasi-ingore, or perhaps psuedo-semi-quasi ingore?

Gordons definition of civility: Not questioning my authority.

Of course if you try an point out to him the hypocrisy in the way he always accuses others of being deceitful lier's misrepresenting and poisoning science with personal attacks and smelly fish then you get yelled at for making 'turnabout accusations' - where he implicitly admits that he was making the first accusation anyway.

Always the first to cast stones eh Gordon!

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