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Next, we observe that the quantum of information required for a von Neumann type replicator greatly exceeds 500 – 1,000 bits, as his analysis and subsequent work to date have shown. So it is not unexpected that in the smallest simplest organisms we find DNA covering in excess of 100 k bits.

Hmm, greatly exceeds a range between these two numbers?
And where exactly did you observe this, by looking at modern organisms or by defining all possibe chemical replicators and picking the simplest - if you have done this then it would be a massive advance in science.
This — as we at UD have pointed out over and over for years now — is over ten times the square of the number of Planck-time quantum states of our observed universe of ~ 10^80 atoms, across its thermodynamic potential lifespan [~10^25 s, or about 50 million times the 13.7 BY generally said to have elapsed since the big bang]. In short, if the whole universe we observe were to be viewed as a search engine as it develops from the initial singularity forward, it could not scan through an appreciable fraction of the config space for just 1,000 bits worth of storage capacity.

Implicit assumption there that the entire universe can only 'check' one configuration at a time.  Take, for example, the ARM processor core, of which there are over a billion versions in existence worldwide, how do KF's search metrics change if we asked each processor to spit out 1000 bits of random data at a rate of 10 megabits per second?  And now if we constrain the paramaters (because the universe is structured, not random noise) so they only spit out human readable ASCII chars?  Will we ever see the phrase <html><\html>.
Now if these random generators were also incorporating previous outputs as well as generating noise (as simple chemical processes produce more complex molecules) then would we ever see <html>Hello World!<\html>?
And we haven't even got as far as selection yet...  
That is, we have an excellent reason to see that a random walk based process would not credibly arrive at the shores of ANY island of functionality in the von Neumann sense.
A random walk from where - assumptions again about the nature of reality, contaminated by belief in the universe as a single process search engine and some made up bignumber.

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