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creeky belly

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Quote (fnxtr @ April 13 2010,12:44)
Quote (keiths @ April 13 2010,10:25)
batshit77 thinks we must be at the center of the universe because no matter which way we look, the cosmic microwave background appears the same distance away:
† †
my point was not to contest heliocentrism, which I fully accept as perfectly valid in regards to our relative motion in the cosmos, and indeed I would hold anyone very suspect of scientific integrity who maintained the sun revolved around the earth just to support a particular Biblical interpretation, my post was aimed chiefly to point out the obvious fact that the centrality we observe for ourselves in the universe as a whole in regards to the CMBR, regardless of our motion around the sun, brings us full circle from the mediocrity that was derived from Copernicusís and Galileoís geocentrism. Indeed we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of the universe again. Just look at the video I linked. I would think that centrality should at least cause some small surprise to the person who has been told, relentlessly, as I was, through his life that we hold absolutely no special place in the universe (Saganís Pale Blue Dot comes to mind).

That's about as dumb as someone who sees his shadow on a sunny day, walks a mile, sees his shadow again, and concludes that he therefore has not moved.

The girl next door and I did a similar experiment when we were about 5 years old. We walked in opposite directions to see which of us the sun was following.

Maybe 4 years old...

Sorry for being TARDy to the party, but this is simply not true. †Kixsen et. al (1996) found that our motion with respect to the CMB in the earth frame is ~371 km/s towards (l,b)=(264,48). The Milky Way center is no better, it's moving at 600 km/s towards (l,b)=(270,30).

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