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Quote (DiEb @ Mar. 11 2010,08:37)
Quote (JLT @ Mar. 11 2010,06:35)
Quote (DiEb @ Mar. 11 2010,09:33)
And another comment awaits moderation:
@William Dembski
Amusing thought: the remarkably good performance of the FOO Hamming oracle algorithms for the  Hamming oracle results in a much worse performance of this algorithm for other oracles  - an obvious conclusion of the No Free Lunch theorem.

@Winston Ewert: using the standard notation helps. But at least be consistent - your variance of ES(1+1) is  introduced as the Rachtet Strategy in this paper, and  was called Optimization by mutation with elitism in Conservation of Information.

I'll elaborate on this thoughts here.

There's an editing error at rational wiki, a superfluous "In the most simple of examples using a needle in a haystack" in the Footnotes section.
Otherwise, good work! Have you got a reaction by any of the authors, yet?  
Not that I really expect them to respond to criticism...

Thanks, I corrected it.
I never got any direct response, but some amusing indirect ones:

  • Dembski cried foul on my critique of his problematic article "The Search for a Search"
  • well, the article is delayed - and will look quite  different in print, I suppose

Good grief, what a whiny bitch.

Those who know the truth are not equal to those who love it-- Confucius

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