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Quote (Maya @ Mar. 06 2010,06:59)
For my 500th post I was going to do a full fisking of one of Corny Hunter's bits of nonsense, or maybe do some research into the reasons why the typical UDiot seems incapable of abstract thought, but I got distracted by this from Joey G's object of desire:
Now, what I’d be interested to know is, the ETs never phone, they never write. Why do we assume they exist?

Gee, Denyse, are there any other objects of belief to which we could apply that criteria?

I see hypocrites.  They don't know they're hypocrites.

Not just that but, we* don't assume ETs exist. At best we say "gee, there's a few hundred billion stars in our galaxy, a few hundred billion galaxies in the observable universe, and it's all made out of pretty much the same stuff, so there's probably other life out there"

That isn't the end of Denyse' ignorance either... "where are they" is a longstanding puzzle which has been the subject of significant scholarly discussion.

* scientists, SETI researchers, vaguely educated folks, and pretty much everyone else aside from UFO nuts.

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