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Benny H

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Quote (Joe G @ Feb. 12 2010,12:43)
Quote (Dr.GH @ Feb. 10 2010,16:10)
Well, we shall see if I pass "moderation."

I feel I have come a bit late to this particular party. However, I have been a long time student of the intelligent design movement. I would like to add a comment to Nick Matzke’s observations regarding ID and common ancestry, or speciation.

William Dembski and Jonathan Wells writing in their recent book, “The Design of Life”  deny common ancestry as it is used by mainstream biologists. They wrote that ID “neither requires nor excludes speciation,” and  that “ID is sometimes confused with a static view of species, as though species were designed to be immutable.” These remarks would seem to leave the door open to common ancestry. But, in their concluding remarks on speciation, they insist that “there are strict limits to the amount and quality of variations that material mechanisms such as natural selection and random genetic change can alone produce.”  So ID accepts speciation, but not by mutation, and natural selection- not by biology. No, rather their claim is that, “intelligence can itself be a source of biological novelties that lead to macroevolutionary changes. In this way, intelligent design is compatible with speciation. (pg. 109)”

Both authors are on record that the “intelligent designer” is the biblical God. So, their “speciation” is exclusively the result of Devine intervention. These acknowledged intellectual leaders of the ID movement wasted a great deal of ink just to say “goddidit.” Henry Morris or Duane Gish said it clearly and honestly.

And that is all that distinguishes ID from special creationism- honesty.

That is false.

ID says that not all mutations are genetic accidents.

Genetic accidents occur but they are a minor player.

Dr Spetner talks about this in "Not By Chance"- most mutations would be the result of "built-in responses to environmental cues".

IOW there are targeted searches going on.

So ID says speciation occurs by mutation but not all mutations are blind and undirected.

No intervention required- just the proper initial conditions.

Glad I could help...

The ID head honchos do not endorse front-loading because they have gone out of their way to tell Christians that ID is consistent with Christianity. A god that creates life and then leaves the scene is inconsistent with a personal god which constantly interacts with its creations.

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