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Quote (JLT @ Jan. 29 2010,10:27)
Natural selection, which has often been portrayed as all-powerful and capable of building exquisitely complex structures, has failed to provide the giant panda with any enzymes for digesting plant food.

Therefore, pandas can't exist. Oh wait -
Although the panda cannot make enzymes for digesting plant food, communities of gut microbes are the most likely explanation of its continuing survival.

So, pandas don't need special enzymes to survive on plant food but that they don't have any still
testifies to the failure of Darwinian mechanisms to overcome problems caused by mutations.

It is not, however, an instance of bad design, because pandas were of course designed to eat meat and were only forced to eat plants because of mutations.
From the perspective of design, we have a story of how a superbly designed carnivore has managed to survive the effects of genetic degradation.

In other ID news:
Whales don't have gills, another failure of Darwinian evolution. Genetic degradation led to the loss of their legs, so these superbly designed land living animals are forced to swim.

OK, when did bamboo cease to be a plant?

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