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Quote (Henry J @ Jan. 19 2010,21:48)

Somebody should give them a list of the currently accepted theories that basically threw out the previous instinctive opinion(s) on something: round earth (it sort of looks flat), moons of Jupiter (they aren't stars), heliocentrism (we're not well centered), lightning rods (it wasn't Thor or Zeus after all), atomic theory (matter isn't continuous), germ theory (critters too small to see), big bang theory (un-steady state), plate tectonics (did the earth move?), photoelectric effect (energy isn't continuous, either), special relativity (time and space interdependent), general relativity (gravity from curvature of space-time), quantum mechanics (particles have wave-like properties; it leaves me wondering if space isn't continuous, either), biological evolution (species ain't constant after all, and unrelated species wouldn't fit in the same nested heirarchy as everything else), etc.


Umm...question from historical perspectives/physics ignorance. What does 'matter isn't continuous'/'energy isn't continuous'/etc mean? I'm not aware of the perspective and can't construct the two opposing concepts.

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