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Benny H

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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 18 2010,13:20   

Quote (Zachriel @ Jan. 18 2010,08:45)
Granville Sewell (beginning of video): The strongest argument for intelligent design is to clearly state the alternative view, which is that physics explains all of chemistry (probably true), chemistry explains all of biology, and biology completely explains the human mind; thus, physics alone explains the human mind.

No. The contrary view is that physics alone does not explain the human mind. That could mean that physics is incomplete. Or that we haven't found the necessary specifics. Or it could mean that the limited field of physics doesn't encompass the required mechanisms. It could mean Intelligent Design, but that's not the contrary view.

Basic Gap Argument. Find a Gap and fill it with metaphysical caulk, er, Intelligent Design.

I think he's talking about an idealized, complete physics. He's playing to the idea that religious people like O'Leary have that the mind is magic and not limited to physics.

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