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Quote (RDK @ Jan. 12 2010,15:26)
Coincidentally Broseph trots out the "how many mutations" argument:

3:48 pm


The very definition of “transitional” and “intermediate” says that a nested hierarchy is not expected from descent with modification.

Darwin “explained” the distinct categories by calling on well-timed extinctions.

As for whales being descended from land animals- how can we test that?

How many mutations did it take?

How can it be measured?

How many transitions were required?

In case my post magically un-creates itself in the near future:

3:59 pm

Joseph, before I go about answering those questions you’ve posed, would you mind answering a few of mine?

I have a creeping suspicion that you are not a descendant of your proposed grandfather. Unless you can show, with plain and direct evidence, each step in the development process from the fertilization of the egg, all the way through the fetal stages in the womb, and in addition each phase of childhood up through adulthood into this very day, I refuse to believe the silly notion that you are a product of a simple sperm and egg coming together in the body of a female human.

The only thing that would satisfy cakeboy and jerry is a video nano-cam with a strap-on time machine.

Those who know the truth are not equal to those who love it-- Confucius

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