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Benny H

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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 15 2009,20:38   

—-Voice Coil: “I find it an exercise devoid of content to state that the “true meaning of morality” includes reference to an external standard, and then conclude thereby that no system of values that omits reference to an external standard can be morality, by definition. Your definition is essentially a statement of your position. It is an empty exercise assert the correctness of that definition in support of your position. In so doing you have simply asserted your position again.”

That is like saying that someone is very tall or that someone is very short, but the means for measuring height need not be objective.

My first thought was that StephenB had scored in his own goal, but then I realized that in StephenB's world the perfect height for a man would be that of Jesus. Too bad the Bible doesn't say how tall he was. (Of course the Bible doesn't give us his birthday either but that doesn't stop Christians from celebrating on Dec. 25.)

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