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I'm done with this stupid motherfucker.

Dave Wisker:

You know Dave, Iíve been lied to so much I really donít care what evolutionists say anymore it all turns out to be deception when I dig into it (which has been hundreds of times by now,,,, so just cut to the chase Dave,,, show me the money and so me just one experiment where a sub-species bacteria has gained functionality over its parent-species. Or better show some real scientific integrity and falsify Abelís Null Hypothesis for information generation,,,Shoot you would probably become legendary within scientific circles if you could do that!

Actually, my goal here is far more modest. Iím trying to get you to discuss the actual points made in Art Huntís essay, which so far you have steadfastly refused to do. But since you have decided to play the victim card about how all the big bad Darwinists keep lying to you, engaging in further discussion is probably pointless.
Do svedanya.

Those who know the truth are not equal to those who love it-- Confucius

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