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Gil and David met before and chatted in no less than two different languages:
I met David at Biola University shortly after the first edition came out. We chatted in both English and French.

Luckily, I overheard their chat. It wasn't just the first edition that came out that day.

Gil: You are my favorite genius, mon amour. Well, except myself bien sure.
David: Oh Gil, quelle jolie frillee shirt you are wearing ajourdhui. What is your numero de room?
Gil: Does vous mindez if my good but dim buddy chunkdz joins us for la fun?
David: Mais non, but let's make sure he doesn't say anything. Il faut stuffer his petit mouth with something. But with what? Hmmm, wait...I have an idea...

The rest of the conversation is unfit for a family values board like this.


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