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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 20 2009,17:43   

Morally deprived moron Denyse O'Leary manages to write:
If the provenance of the programs addressed is questionable, it is entirely due to Dawkinsís unwillingness or inability to provide the original. And why, exactly?

Am I supposed to believe that he just somehow lost or canít remember a program that helped make him rich and famous?

Aw, come on, tell me another one. Itís comedy nite, right?

If I needed any further evidence that neo-Darwinism is bust and canít be fixed, this would sure convince me.

Added: I donít know a single reason at this point to think that the original code ever existed, so I would just forget about it.

What a sad cunt.

After much reflection I finally realized that the best way to describe the cause of the universe is: the great I AM.


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