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Quote (Doc Bill @ Oct. 07 2009,12:04)
I think it's really cute how the IDiots (I'm talking about you, Dembski!) go to great lengths to explain what each other meant, but never, never confront critics directly.

Dembski explains Wells, Wells explains Meyer, Crowther explains West, Axe explains Behe and Behe explains himself scoring an pwn goal.

How come Wells doesn't hop on UD and explain what he meant and discuss it with the sock puppets?

Could it be that the rare time Behe forgot to lock comments he got taken to the woodshed by a GRADUATE STUDENT and had to retract his claim?

I get this vision of Dembski, Behe, Wells, Meyer, Crowther, West, Hunter, Axe and Luskin sitting around in a circle.

It's not a pretty vision.  Rather disturbing, actually.

Those who know the truth are not equal to those who love it-- Confucius

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