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(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 24 2009,04:02   

Quote (CeilingCat @ Sep. 24 2009,01:12)
The Constitutional Scholar explains herself:  
I had almost forgotten. I helped draft our Constitution in 1981. But no one minds that kind of thing any more. Unless could there now be hope?

Later, in the same thread:  

IRQ Conflict


5:29 am
I helped draft our Constitution in 1981.

Really? Wow! Thats something to brag to the grand kids about eh?



12:40 am
Im with IRQ Conflict on this one. I think I mentioned in one of my first comments here that I got to live in Toronto for a year and enjoyed it very much. Please tell us what part you played in the drafting of the Constitution! Even if it was small, Id like to hear it.



11:54 am
Feebish at 11, I was summoned to Ottawa (our seat of government) in 1981, to testify about our new Constitution.

The government paid my plane fare.

I do not know what use they made of my information.

Well, a free plane ride! That makes her a regular Tardus Jefferson. I wonder if she testified for the constitution or against it?

She probably recommended 999999% more Jebus, then filled the rest of her testimony with links to her blogs.

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