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Quote (socle @ Sep. 19 2009,12:40)
Here we go again:  The Original Weasel(s)

Unless Richard Dawkins and his associates can show conclusively that these are not the originals (either by providing originals in their possession that differ, or by demonstrating that these programs in some way fail to perform as required), we shall regard the contest as closed, offer Oxfordensis his/her prize, and henceforward treat the programs below as the originals.

It's fascinating to me how these people simply cannot accept the fact that the original program no longer exists, and that there will always be some uncertainty about its features.  They would actually rather declare programs they received from some random anonymous person on the internet to be the "originals".  LOL.

They're looking at WEASEL in the only terms they know; to them it's our scripture and if it's lost, so are whatever fundamental truths it may have contained.  Since they stake their entire worldview on an assumption of scriptural infallibility, they can only apprehend that establishing fallibility of WEASEL negates our god.  They can't grok the fact that only the principle behind WEASEL matters, and that any of a million possible implementations of the concept would demonstrate the same thing about selection.  

To them everything either proves or disproves Jebus, and if it disproves Jebus it must be attacked and destroyed, facts and reason be damned.  They don't understand why WEASEL is important, they don't understand that it's really not very important at all (it's really just a thought problem to help people understand one facet of evolution and you don't need to run or even write the program to understand what the algorithm does or does not do), and they don't understand that the idea either works or it doesn't, regardless of what idiot writes the code.  They think that if we can't produce the sacred scrolls, they win, because blind faith to a book is the only thing they understand and the only thing they care about.

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