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Quote (Texas Teach @ June 07 2009,23:51)
Quote (KCdgw @ June 07 2009,20:53)
"Y'all" is fairly common in Missouri, but I had to go to Arkansas before hearing "All y'all".

I enjoy the way 'all y'all" has increased the variation in my profanity: "Well, fuck all y'all, then" has a satisfying "and the horse you rode in on" heft.


Missouri is interesting in that regard.  With folks from the southern part of the state I could say y'all without it being noticed.  In Columbia and the St. Louis metro, people would giggle when I said it.  Since I have a fairly light accent, the use of y'all was often the only time people would notice it.  I did have one coworker in Columbia who was from New York that would try to give me flak.  I would then translate the sentence for her, replacing y'all with yooz guys.

In the Kansas City area, one can say 'y'all' without comment, but most people don't use it.


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