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Quote (khan @ May 24 2009,16:41)
Quote (ERV @ May 24 2009,15:04)
We are contractually forbidden to talk about back forum stuff.

Its just the same internet drama that has been going on in every forum since the beginning of time: Attention whores, white knights, normal adult humans that put up with that shit because they dont understand the internet, and normal adult humans who dont tolerate bullshit in their internet homes.  Its just internet drama, but unfortunately nice people are taking whore/knight behavior personally instead of mocking them, as internet laws dictate.  Encyclopedia Dramatica should be required reading before anyone has access to the internets, I swear...

Anyway, the bloggers AtBCers know and love are in the latter two groups, and thats because AtBCers are excellent judges of character.  But its just internet drama-- nothing more ominous.


ERV, thanks for the resource.

Yeah, its great. The article on Internet Tough Guys must have had Dave Scot specifically in mind.


Those who know the truth are not equal to those who love it-- Confucius

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