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Quote (Paul Flocken @ Mar. 03 2009,09:40)
Quote (AmandaHuginKiss @ Mar. 02 2009,05:17)
Quote (Doc Bill @ Mar. 02 2009,12:44)
Lou, your inconvenient FACTS are getting in the way of my opinion-driven venom for Behe.

OK, I'm over it.

So, really, when pinned by someone who knows Jones' ruling, Behe is screwed.  He relies on the ignorance of others, yet bases his entire thesis on that ignorance.

Personally, I couldn't do it.  No matter my convictions.  I'd cave.

I can only imagine that Behe just doesn't care.  And, why should he?  He's not going to get fired or suffer one whit from his scientific slander.  

Too bad.

I'm not surprised the Behe and co keep reliving Dover. This was the day that ID died. I remember that before Dover, there was a lot of buzz about ID and Behe. It was an intriguing Idea. Imagine somebody proving that evolution could not have brought about diversity of life. I thought it was interesting idea until I looked closer. Almost every mention of ID was at least neutral.

Now the only invites he gets are from organisations that have the words "Church" in them and the only media that is sympathetic is wingnut (even LGF is anti-ID).

And ART professors, don't forget ART professors.

Was the Art Professor a creobot or a post-modernist? I wonder if he thinks my scribbling is worth the same as a Van Gogh because I call my scribbling art?

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