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Quote (RFJE @ Feb. 21 2009,13:27)
You are not guilty of the same thing?  Has your big bang model or geologic time scale changed much?  Everything that doesn't fit into it is rejected as insanity.  

This is just flat wrong. Not only are you shockingly ignorant of basic chemistry, you appear to be completely ignorant of the history of science as well.

Wikipedia has a decent synopsis on the age of the earth. The consensus has changed repeatedly based on new evidence. The fact that the ~4 billion years estimate has stood the last 70 years or so is based on a confluence of good evidence, not dogmatism.

Both a billion+ year old earth and the big bang* were greeted with skepticism and even ridicule until enough evidence was gathered to make the conclusions inescapable. This is something you could get from a basic popular history of science, a childrens encyclopedia, or even teh intertoobs!

* recall that the term itself was originally coined to ridicule the idea.

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