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Richard Simons

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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 18 2009,23:54   

Quote (deadman_932 @ Feb. 18 2009,23:12)
I'm amazed anyone could make heads or tails of that word salad of RFJE's.

Okay, so  I *THINK* he's trying to make the claim that if the early Earth atmosphere was "dominated" by CO2...then it had to be *exactly* like Venus today--complete with sulfuric acid clouds?  

There's a vague gesture towards UV as damaging to DNA/RNA...A mention of archaea and cyanobacteria. The Hadean.

By golly, I think this is some sort of argument against abiogenesis -- except written by a  disciple of KairosFocus, on a hellishly powerful toad extract.

I think there is also confusion between oxygen as a constituent of water and CO2 and oxygen as O2. As it swirled past I believe I caught a glimpse of the notion that anything toxic to us must also have been toxic to early life.

All sweeping statements are wrong.

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