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Quote (RFJE @ Feb. 13 2009,20:23)
And wouldn't some of you have been right there.  Well when you said  those things about Him directly you were---under His cross, saying just like the Pharisees, "If he is the son of God, let him come down from the cross and save himself."  ---If he is the son of God let him grow limbs on amputees.

You are the one who offered supposedly miraculous cures as an argument for belief in god. We just attempted to point out the implications of this claim.

I'm not asking your god to show his power. I'm asking you how you reconcile your assertion that god cured your sisters allergy to milk with the apparent fact that he never cures rabies victims.

As for me, I defer to the gospel of Waits:
Quote (Tom Waits @ heartattack, vine)
don't you know there ain't no devil, there's just god when he's drunk

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