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Richard Simons

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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 13 2009,23:49   

Quote (RFJE @ Feb. 13 2009,22:23)
Yes they were still very intelligent, very educated, very enlightened perceptors. They still brought us wonderful breakthroughs and understanding of the natural  world. But they became anti-apostles, and anti-prophets and anti-christs (not the anti-christ, the scriptures teach there are anti-christs and THE anti-christ). Telling us there was no Adam and Eve, throwing out the Bible as a fable book.
I think most people here are not what could reasonably be called anti-christs. Most Christians who contribute here, I'm sure, do not find that their faith is being attacked. However, there are many anti-apostles here. When Christians (they are the most frequent transgressors) try to push their religious views there is the tendency to push back against those who have decided that it is their aim in life to become apostles for their faith. What right do you have to invade my life and tell me that my views are wrong? If you wish to provide evidence to support your views, that would be a little more acceptable but there never is any. It always comes down to quoting passages from your mythology, or coming out with threats of what will happen in the afterlife.

Tell me, why should I regard the Bible as any more or less a fable than the Illiad? Both have parts that are obviously factual, or close to factual, and other parts clearly pure mythology.
Do we need any proof of this?  Just look in the prior pages.  Mocking and railing against the One who said "Father forgive them, they know not what they do."
I think most of the commentators here have not been railing against Jesus, but against you.

Bottom line, if our common ancestor is not Adam and Eve then there is no sin, nor inherited sin nature in man, nor any need for redemption by Christ's blood.  So just live it up guys.  Everything's just wonderful.  This life is the only one.  But count me out.

I've never understood this desire by some Christians to wallow in sin, and why something someone did hundreds of generations ago should condemn me. When I was a child this was one of the things that struck me as being particularly ridiculous and even nasty about Christianity.

All sweeping statements are wrong.

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