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Quote (RFJE @ Feb. 12 2009,20:03)

In any case, I don't think she saw it as putting God to the test.  She had a relationship with God and that was between her God.  In any case, she has been drinking milk for years with never a problem.

Have you ever wondered why your God would cure your sisters milk allergy, yet not cure a single* rabies victim after the onset of neurological symptoms ? Of all the thousands of people who die horrible deaths every year, are none more deserving of help than allowing your sister to drink milk ?

As for the case in Africa, you have to understand that they are a more spiritually based culture.  The idea that there is no spirit world to them to mock, just like atheists here mock Christians.  And I am talking about predominantly the village culture, (which is where I worked mainly) not urban upper class.

If you accept these anecdotal claims of prayer based miracles, why would you not also accept the same peoples claims of witchcraft ? For example, do you believe that wizards can steal ones penis by magic ? How about the evil eye ?

Have you ever noticed that frequency of supernatural events has a direct correlation to the anecdotal nature of the evidence and the prevalence of superstition in the population ?

* In the interest of accuracy, there are a handful of reports of people surviving clinical rabies, e.g. However, in comparison to the millions of victims in human history, it is very a small number indeed.

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