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Quote (RFJE @ Feb. 11 2009,18:18)
Have you ever seen a man who couldn't walk get up after African pastors prayed for him in the name of Jesus?

Even if this anecdote had evidence to back it up, it's not terribly compelling in the grand scheme of things.

Consider smallpox: It seems reasonable to assume any believer in prayer would pray for a cure if affected by it. Yet for the last few thousand years, about 1 in 3 of those infected died, without regard to who they prayed to.

Unlike prayer, variolation brought the fatality rate down significantly. In other words... snorting smallpox scabs is a demonstrably more effective than praying. A lot more effective.

Humans, with a bit of science and a lot of hard work accomplished what the preceding millennia of prayer could not: the complete eradication of the disease.

Or how about rabies. Without modern treatment, it is essentially 100% fatal. God cures your sisters lactose intolerance, but ignores every single rabies victim until Pasteur comes along ? Nice!

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